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#Straight From The Frontline




 #StraightFromTheFrontline is a Frontline Club Charitable Trust campaign to highlight, fund and support the work of domestic and international freelance journalists reporting from Ukraine.

Freelance journalists Oleksandra Kuvshynova, Brent Reaud, Pierre Zakrzewski, Yevhenii Sakun and Viktor Dudar were killed reporting near Kyiv this week while others continue to risk their lives reporting from the frontline. They are risking their lives to tell the truth of this war. Many are being targeted by Russian death squads.


We are looking to raise £100,000 through GoFundMe. Funds raised will provide financial grants, press cards, critical and first aid equipment.



The campaign is led by the Frontline Club, a UK charity established to represent and help freelance journalists reporting from conflict zones. Read More