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Frontline Club Charitable Trust

The #StraightFromTheFrontline campaign is led by the Frontline Club, a UK charity established to represent and help freelance journalists reporting from conflict zones.

Founded in 2003 by Vaughan Smith in honour of colleagues who died in the course of their work at Frontline News Television, the Frontline Club exists to support the free flow of news from difficult and dangerous situations around the world and in war zones. As a charitable trust and a valuable representative body for conflict freelancers, it is recognised as having changed the face of war reporting. 

Today the Frontline Club is a unique media support organisation dedicated to promoting freedom of expression, consisting of two parts.

Firstly, The Frontline Club Charitable Trust, which funds The Frontline Freelance Register (FFR), a representative body for more than 1,200 freelance conflict journalists around the world, safeguarding and support of journalists, cameramen and photographers who risk their lives in the pursuit of reporting the truth. Secondly from its base in Paddington, London, The Frontline Club is also physical hub, social club and centre for journalists, providing community and purpose and a gathering place for free speech activism.